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Jabula New Life Ministries International (Jabula or JNLMI): Jabula, which means rejoice in Swahili, is a global network of churches that spans 29 countries on four continents. Jabula was founded by Bishop Tudor Bismark and Pastor Chichi Bismark in 1989, and was originally established to bring together churches that had never before had a platform under which to fellowship together.

Today, the network comprises of more than 900 churches that are of like spirit, like mind and like heart, and have a collective agenda to preach the Kingdom of God in all the Earth. Jabula has an apostolic emphasis that is led by apostolic teams functioning under the five‐fold ministry (Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher). Jabula emphasises governmental reforms, establishing spiritual and physical infrastructure, and leadership and development empowerment. Bishop Tudor Bismark is the current Chairman and President with From as CEO of JNLMI.

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Bishop Tudor Bismark is an apostolic voice to the nations. From the age of 17 when he began traveling to outskirt villages in the Bulawayo region of Zimbabwe, to the present where he is requested at some of the largest gatherings of Christians around the world, Bishop Bismark has been known for speaking the gospel. Since 1989, he has been serving as an Apostolic Father and mentor to ministries all over the world. He and his wife, Pastor Chichi Bismark, are the senior pastors of New Life Covenant Church in Harare, Zimbabwe, the headquarters church for Jabula New Life Ministries International. Bishop Bismark also serves as the Chairman of the Council of African Apostles, a wholly African initiative to bring the key apostolic voices of the African church to bear on uniquely African issues.

An accomplished author, Bishop Bismark has penned more than 20 books and teaching manuals, including the bestselling "The Anointing of 1000 Times More". He is a well sought after speaker and leadership expert, addressing the Heads of State at the Annual African Union breakfast and speaking at Pastors & Leaders Conferences in the USA, The Redeemed Church of Nigeria's camp meetings (a gathering of more than one million Christians), The Experience in Lagos, Nigeria, and other significant events.

He has a passion to see people empowered and awakened to their God-ordained destiny and has purposed to help facilitate networks of Kingdom--‐minded believers raised in his lifetime. A man of immense humility, Bishop Bismark's message is simply "I love my God, I love my family, I love my church and I love my nation."

There are at-least 3 things that I have found that will cause a person to be successful: Faith, Grace, and Peace.


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