Five things every church visitor needs to know

Five things every church visitor needs to know

Going to a church for the very first time can be a strange experience. Many people will feel anywhere between “a little bit uncomfortable” to “downright horrified”. It can be easy to bombard visitors with all sort of info regarding your vision, ministries, mid-week groups and events.  Yet, below are 6 easily-forgotten things that novice site visitors need to know.

1. Greeted and showed where to park

More often than not, the closest, most practical or most visible car parks fill out the fastest. If a church visitor shows up to your church and there’s no parking space or visible parking assistance to guide them. They will not really feel welcome and this could affect their church experience. There are a number of means churches can minimize this issue. One of the best ways is to nurture and establish a culture in your church of leaving the “prime spots” for visitors. This culture will not appear overnight – it will require a commitment to a lot of interaction with church members via email and also relationally to make this take place!). You might select carpark assistants to direct traffic to the closest offered spaces. This helps to not leaving it to the drivers to determine where to park their car in an unknown place. You might list car parks on your church website outlining parking areas. They may not be instantly visible but still provide excellent access to your building. Try to put yourself in the setting of a website visitor. They may be feeling nervous about attending a new church. Think of what would certainly aid to reduce some of the stress you might be feeling if you can’t see a parking location.

2. Directed where to find the toilets

Never ever undervalue the relevance of signs. Of course, YOU know where to locate the toilets, creche, infant centres, exits, kids’ programs as well as information points. You attend church weekly! However, for the first time church visitor stepping into a building for the very first time, who might not recognise a single person, a simple arrow will make a world of distinction. If your church resembles mine and does not have its own building, make certain you laminate a couple of A3 signs explaining all the centres a newbie might need.

3. Directed to sitting

Or more particularly, where not to sit. Ushers must be well taught and informed. On the various building regulations, fire policy and health and safety building policy. In the UK, the building health and safety policy must be followed to avoid major incidents and to also protect the health of the people. In relation to siting, for example, ushers must know where to sit mothers with a pushchair, wheelchair disabled visitors and old people. They also must keep all the fire exits clear of all traffic and making sure the appropriate seats are labelled as “pram and wheelchair seating only”.

4. Directed where to send their children

This is specifically crucial if youngsters start in the church service with their parents and are later on removed. In the rush of moving the children, a visitor can easily feel unpleasant or worried. Not knowing where they’re about to send their children. A simple explanation from the Sunday school teacher or pastor explaining where the children are going before dismissing the children will help calm the parents. Yes, it’s boring for the person that attends each week, however, for the visitor that has actually never ever been in your building before, it’s vital. In addition to that, appoint and introduce a visible “go-to” individual that parents can talk with if they still have questions. Among the few things scarier than going to a church for the first time is sending your kids to be educated in a new location by a total unfamiliar person for the very first time! Allow’s make it as easy as possible for moms and dads to trust us with their youngsters!

5. Where to go for help

Does your church have a table or booth visitors can go to after the solution? Or committed volunteers ready to welcome newcomers? If so, terrific! This is such a substantial component of making newcomers really feel welcome and integrate them into the life of your church. But it’s very little use if the visitor can’t find where to go! See to it your desk/table/booth is clearly labelled, and that your volunteers can be conveniently identified as “here to serve or help”, via t-shirts, lanyards or name tags.

After we have been pertaining to church for a couple of months/years/decades, it can be very easy to forget what it resembles turning up for the first time. Think about your church via the lens of a visitor, and attempt to recognize blind-spots that you’ve ended up being familiar with, yet could play a huge duty in making your visitors feel welcome.

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